Today I tried to update an SCCM 2012 environment to 2012 SP1 according to the manuals from Microsoft and the checklist from Jason Sandys. Then we got a lot of questions about the TESTDBUPGRADE Step, because we had no test environment and have to run it in the production on a copy of our DB:

  1. Where do we have to run this Command? On the Site Server or on the SQL Server?
    It’s possible to run it on both. You can specify the connection parameters like that: setup.exe /TESTDBUPGRADE SERVERNAME\INSTANCENAME\DBNAME
  2. Does this command change something on the system?
    Yes it does. We discovered, that it creates certificates on the SQL server, restarts SQL services and installs a bootstrap service on the database server!

So you should definitely run this command on a test database server with the same version of SQL installed as in the production. With the described command line arguments you can run it also on a remote system like in the screenshot below.



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