Enhanced OS deployment end message

Since I’m working with ConfigMgr there was always the question of the staging team or end users if the staging of a device has really completed. Many years ago, I created a script which solved this question. Now I got again a few requests of customer and also discussions at the #MMSMOA which could use the script too. Now I decided to make it publicly available so all of you can use it. Basically, the PowerShell script should be started in one of the last steps of the task sequence to gather all information correctly. It will do the following:

  • Collect data about the current devices:
    • OS Version
    • Installed Apps
    • Enabled Security Features like Virus Scan and Bitlocker
  • Adds this information as a logon message including a title which highlights that the staging ended successfully.
  • Changes registry permissions to allow a standard user to remove the logon script
  • Create an AutoStart entry which is reverting the logon message to empty and will also reset the permissions in the registry. Therefore, the message will only be displayed once.

It’s possible to extend the information on your own. If you think its valuable for others, please publish it also on Github.

The implementation just requires you to do the following:

  1. Download Script from Github https://github.com/ThomasKur/ModernAndSecureWorkplace/blob/master/ConfigMgrOSD/OSDEnableOSDMessage.ps1
  2. Add it to a Package in ConfigMgr
  3. Add Run PowerShell Script step to Task Sequence and specify the package and script name.
  4. Start the first device and execute the OSD task sequence

Now it’s ready to use and the result is an OSD end message which looks like this:

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