MSIX Commander V1.0.0 released (get it for free)

MSIX is now already around for some time and I started to experiment with it.

While I was working with it, I started to realize that it would be nice to have a little GUI tool that would help me with doing certain tasks.

Therefore I decided to build such a tool and MSIX Commander was born.

Today I’m very happy to announce that MSIX Commander 1.0.0 is released to the public.

The tool is completely free and open source. It’s meant to be of assistance for packaging engineers and IT-Support staff.

For now, it has the following features:

– Show all installed MSIX packages

– Open the install directory and user data directory of those installed MSIX packages

– Uninstall MSIX packages

– Create a self-signed code signing certificate

– Install a self-signed code signing certificate

– Install an MSIX package

– Install an MSIX package just to test it.

– Install multiple MSIX packages to test them.

– Check the status of the MSIX packaging tool driver

– Install the MSIX packaging tool driver from Windows Update

– Uninstall the MSIX packaging tool driver

It’s all based on PowerShell and WPF/XAML.

If you are interested in MSIX Commander and would like to give it a try, I would be very happy to hear your feedback, bugs and possible feature requests.

You find it here on GitHub:

I already have some other features in mind, and I hope that I soon find some time to implement them.

I hope you like the tool.

Pascal Berger

Principal Workplace Consultant at baseVISION AG
I work since 1998 in the IT. Since then I have worked in numerous Deployment Projects. My specialties are SCCM, MDT, Hardware Integration, the Windows Client OS, PowerShell and Software Packaging with MSI and App-V (and soon MSIX).

I’m also the Service Owner of WimAsAService
Pascal Berger