Month: April 2018

Preinstall Company Portal App to your computers with MDT

In a current project which has the goal to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10 we have no ConfigMgr infrastructure available and cannot use Autopilot or PPKG file, because we must install Windows 10 on the devices first. Therefore, we decided to use MDT and after the setup we

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Deploy line of business appx with Intune

If you work on Windows 10 you know that there are not a lot of modern apps (store apps/universal App/metro apps/appx) and most of the developers are still creating normal Desktop Applications. I hope this will change in the future, because the Microsoft Store helps to keep the apps up

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Syntaro App Management Base Script extended to Version 9

When working with Syntaro App Management you learn how helpful the Base Script can be. I have extended it to make it simpler to create your own packages. In the last few weeks I had the following challanges in customer projects. Kill running Processes Until last week you had to

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