Integrate netECM into the Configuration Manager Console with netECM:RightClickTools

With this tool you can embed our netECM applications into the Configuration Manager 2012 Console. You have access to netECM:App to register applications much easier than with the ConfigMgr built in wizard or you can also start the netECM:UserDevice Web based Console. This administration interface is also available as freeware.


So you get a unified experience between netECM and Configuration Manager with this tool.

Additionally we have implemented the very useful actions to start ConfigMgr Tasks on clients over PowerShell (not WMI like in other RightClickTools). There is also a action to open the status viewer filtered per client.

image image

If you already are a netECM Customer, you can get more information from Netree. IMPORTANT, this tool is only usable if you use netECM.

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