Month: January 2014

Application Evaluation failed

Some of our customers encounter issues regarding application deployments: The application deployment status diagram shows high counts of errors Application installations will not start on clients Issue Part 1: Monitoring The status diagram shows a high count of errors which are not visible when you open the detail view.  

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New Task Sequence Variables in Configuration Manager 2012 R2

With Configuration Manager 2012 R2 new task sequence variables are introduced. Some of them are very very useful. The following variables are added: Built-in Variable Name Description SMSTSMPListRequestTimeout Use this variable to specify how much time a task sequence waits before it retries to install an application after it fails

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My Top 5 Feature Requests for SCCM, vote for them!!!

It’s important to give feedback to the Microsoft SCCM Product Group. One possibility is to use the Microsoft Connect Website. There are many feature request, I will present five of them in this blog article. The product group evaluates how important the feature requests are and if the impact is

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